Dark Minions

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A fantasy dice game by Alan M. Newman

Hordes of dark minions have descended upon the countryside, eager to secure their reputation as a scourge on mankind. The despicable evil marauders attack everywhere in search of conquest. The citizens are helpless and will soon be overwhelmed. Death and destruction awaits all those in the path of the evil ones…

Lead your army of 50 evil minions in battle. Use your dice to choose the actions your minions will take, whether it is to storm a town, destroy a tower, or to dig up their dear departed comrades. Play the advanced game, aided by powerful and evil Overlords, ready to do your bidding in the quest to increase your awesome influence and control.


  • 18 Town (pentagon) tiles
  • 15 Skull tiles
  • 44 VP tiles • 3 Black dice
  • 3 Red dice
  • 1 White die
  • 21 Tower tiles in three colors (White, Gray & Black)
  • 5 Experience card & Player Aid Tiles
  • 5 disks
  • 100 small cubes
  • 30 large octagons
  • 1 large Graveyard tile
  • 15 Overlord cards