Descent Journeys in the Dark: Road to Legend - Lieutenant Dar Hilzernod

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A mighty Overlord treading the path of legend needs strong leaders to oversee his many minions.

Bring your Road to Legend Lieutenant tokens alive with 3D minis!

Dragons fight for territory and treasure, but the creature known as Dar Hilzernod fought against the Great Wyrm and lost. Now, its spectral cropse flies abroad, spreading death and decay whenever it goes.

Cost: 20.
Avatar: Great Wyrm only.
Power: Special (see below).
Minions: no minions.

He may only be played at the Gold level of the campaign. If he can roll to resolve a siege, he automatically succeeds. When he is reinforcing, roll a black power die at the start of the overlord's turn. On a surge, every hero on the board suffers 1 wound (ignoring armor). This wound may not be prevented. He has Flying and Breath.