Descent Journeys in the Dark: Road To Legend - Lieutenant Lord Merick Farrow

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A mighty Overlord treading the path of legend needs strong leaders to oversee his many minions.

Bring your Road to Legend Lieutenant tokens alive with 3D minis!

When Lord Merick Farrow's brother Sir Alric died in battle, it was a tragedy for all Free Cities. However, when Lord Merick struck a deal with the dark powers to get his brother back, it foretold their doom.

Cost: 10.
Avatar: Any Avatar.
Power: 15 Threat.
Minions: 4 Skeletons, 3 Sorcerers, 1 Manticore.

He costs five fewer conquest tokens to play if you have Sir Alric Farrow in play. He has +6 range and Blast 1 and may pay five movement points to move to any space in his line of sight.