Descent Journeys in the Dark: Road to Legend - Lieutenant Slaggorrath

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The creature known as Slaggorrath is the unholy spawn of the Spider Queen. Roughly man-shaped but distictly inhuman, this foul creature's mastery of poisons, webs and traps makes him a dangerous opponent.

Includes one unpainted and unassembled miniature for use with the Road to Legend expansion to Descent: Journeys in the Dark.

Cost: 17.
Avatar: Spider Queen only.
Power: Trapmaster
Minions: 4 Bane Spiders, 3 Master Bane Spiders.

If he is within three trails of the heroes, he may immediately move to their location instead of taking his normal movement for the week. He has Poison, Web, and instead of attacking normally, he may make an attack that affects every hero with one or more web tokens on him. This attack has Pierce 2 instead of Web, only misses on a miss result, and cannot be dodged.