Descent Journeys in the Dark: Road to Legend - Lieutenant Thaadd the Destroyer

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A mighty Overlord treading the path of legend needs strong leaders to oversee his many minions.

Bring your Road to Legend Lieutenant tokens alive with 3D minis!

Thaadd the Destroyer serves the Titan Warlord with his enormous bulk and strength. While leading a brigade of ogres, Thaadd makes short work of anything standing in his way. Armies, cities, heroes... it makes no difference, all must be destroyed!

Cost: 15.
Avatar: Titan Only.
Power: Hordes of the Things.
Minions: 2 Ogres, 1 Master Ogre.

Cities have their Defense rating reduced by one while under siege by him. He has Reach and Knockback. If he deals at least 1 damage to a hero (after applying armor), roll a black power die. If you roll a surge, the hero must choose and discard one of his equipped items.