Descent Journeys in the Dark: The Sea of Blood Lieutenants - Darkwind

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Blocking the sun with a massive wingspan, Darkwind soars the skies about Torue Albes, serving as the Master of the Hunt’s eyes. He watches and waits, his shrill cries guiding his master to his latest prey... and when the moment is right, he strikes, knocking unwary sailors into the perilous water.

Cost: 12.
Avatar: Master of the Hunt only.
Power: Trapmaster
Minions: 4 Razorwings, 3 Master Razorwings.

Darkwind enter play at Weeping Reach and may only move along Water and Secret Trails, but may not travel through the Great Maelstrom.

Darkwind may move up to 2 trails per week, even if carrying a Quest Item and has Fly and Knockback.