Descent Journeys in the Dark: The Sea of Blood Lieutenants - Kraken

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The Kraken is a mythic denizen of the deep said to lay awake at the bottom of the deepest waters. Unwary sailors foolish enough to disturb the waters nearby will quickly be met with five massive tentacles, sprouting up from the murky depths.

Cost: 10.
Avatar: Any Avatar.
Power: DOOM!
Minions: none.

He may only be played at the Silver level of the campaign or higher and enters play at Bright Sea and may only move along Water and Secret trails, but may not travel through the Great Maelstrom.The Kraken has Tentacle 5, Swim, Ironskin, and Regeneration 5. The head cannot leave the water nor attack any figure not in the water. The attack listed below is for the it's bite. This attack gets Pierce 10, Poison, and Bleed.