Descent Journeys in the Dark: The Sea of Blood Lieutenants - Siren

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The keening song of the Siren can tempt even the staunchest sailors overboard, beckoning them to join her skeletal companions for the rest of eternity. Beautiful and dangerous, the Siren can lure the heroes to a watery death... unless they resist her charms.

Cost: 5.
Avatar: Any Avatar.
Power: Hordes of the Things
Minions: 6 Skeletons, 2 Master Skeletons.

She enters play at the Narrows of Gracor and may only move along Water and Secret trails, but may not travel through the Great Maelstrom. She has Swim and at the start of each hero's turn, that hero must either spend 1 fatigue or roll 1 power die. On a surge, the hero must Run as directly towards her as fast as possible and cannot attack. On any other result, the hero may take any action he wishes.