Descent Journeys in the Dark: The Sea of Blood Lieutenants - Soriss

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Soriss, the loyal pet of the vile Mistress of Serpents, has roamed the seas of Torue Albes since ancient times. Heroes foolish enough to wander into her constricting grip find themselves unable to escape, as Soriss squeezes the life from them without mercy! This serpent from the deep is powerful beyond measure and seemingly immortal. Do you have the courage to face it in battle?

Cost: 14.
Avatar: Mistress of Serpents only.
Power: Hordes of the Things
Minions: 2 Nagas, 2 Master Nagas.

Soriss enter play at the Cerridor Sea and may only move along Water and Secret trails, but may not travel through the Great Maelstrom and has Regeneration 10, Swim, Constrict and Grapple.