Descent Journeys in the Dark: The Sea of Blood Lieutenants - Sweetheart

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Among the rivers and shores of Torue Albes, fishermen and sailors tell tall tales of a massive beast with rows of razor-sharp teeth and a mouth large enough to swallow an orc whole.

Some say her name comes from her desire to "hug" everyone she meets, but when Sweetheart catches unwary heroes in her crushing grip, they soon learn that there’s little affection to be found there!

Cost: 13.
Avatar: Captain Bones only.
Power: none.
Minions: none.

Sweetheart may only be played at the Silver level of the campaign or higher and may only move along Water and Secret trails, but may not travel through the Great Maelstrom. Sweetheart has Swim, Ironskin, Unstoppable, Reach, Pierce 5, and Grapple. Sweetheart may only Grapple one hero at a time, but all attacks Sweetheart makes against that hero are automatically aimed.