Dice Town Expansion

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The West just got even wilder.

Slap on your Stetson, pull on your boots and check your ammo, because Dice Town isn't the town you knew before. Sure, you can still mine gold and rob banks, but now outlaws have descended on the town, and the Indians are on the warpath. You'll have a chance to build a fine ranch, if you can hold it, but this town needs deputies more than ever before. Roll your dice and try your luck!

With the Dice Town Extension, you'll have new options with every die roll. If you can't rob the bank, take a shot at the stagecoach. When the sheriff's office gets boring, hunt down some outlaws. And if you're desperate enough, you can even hire those wanted men to work for you. New General Store cards, new land, and even the fabled Indian die await. Do you have what it takes to run this town?

The Dice Town Extension expands on the original Dice Town with new cards, more money, and even enough dice to let you add a sixth player. You'll find even more strategy and fun, especially because the Dice Town Extension includes the infamous Indian die. Saddle up, partner!

  • Lots of new game situations, including ranches and outlaws
  • More fun and more strategy!
  • Allows a 6th player to play
  • Includes the famous Indian die!


  • 11 General Store Cards
  • 12 River Cards
  • 10 Property Claim Cards (Ranches)
  • 12 Outlaw Cards
  • 6 Doc Badluck Cards
  • 1 dice cup + 5 poker dice
  • 10 1$ bills + 10 gold nuggets
  • 1 Indian die