Dungeon Crawler: Mines of Khurgan

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The Mines of Khurgan focuses around a tribe of Kobolds (rat men) that have moved in to an old abandoned series of mines, which have for decades been haunted by the spirit of Khurgan; an old miserable lord that died there long ago. With the power of Skwee, the Kobold Shaman (our newest BBEG), the Kobolds have managed to hedge out Khurgan and now he haunts the surrounding lands aimlessly striking at the populace of Keldorn. This is an all new 82 card expansion pack for Dungeon Crawler card game. It includes 34 new pieces of art; 1 Adventurer, 1 Quest, 40 Crawler cards and 40 Dungeon cards. As a bonus feature it also includes a token card with the extra large "Primary Target" token included. This is not a game in itself and requires at least the Starter to play.