Dungeon Twister: The Card Game

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You awaken to find yourself in a torch lit room. Moments ago you were on duty for the princess at the royal banquet. What or who has brought you to this place? A quick check reveals your paladin armor and sword still intact. You notice the obviously dwarven crafted stone room and hear the faint clicking of mechanized contraptions.

Can it be true, are the legends of the Arch-Mage transporting unwilling participants to compete for survival in his maniacal clockwork dungeon possible? In the next room you see some rope and a key... but as you move toward them the room rotates, taking the items away. This is not going to be easy!

Players race to navigate the hazards of Dungeon Twister by using their action points each turn to move, rotate rooms, collect items, and combat opponents. This is a race to victory by surviving and escaping the dungeon first.


  • 25 Unique Characters with Special Abilities
  • Action Point Allowance Game System
  • Variable Game Board


Full-color rulebook with game play examples; 120 illustrated game cards.