TerraClips: DungeonRise Vaults of Ruin

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Ancient vaults, deep, dark, cold! What horrors await your players? DungeonRise: Vaults of Ruin takes you deep into the heart of a ruined, ancient keep full of dark secrets. This setting is all about creating a dramatic and engaging tabletop showpiece guaranteed to inspire exploration and awe! DungeonRise: Vaults of Ruin features destroyed walls in single and double-height flavors, normal and broken floors, freefloating rubble piles, bridges, spiral staircases, crumbling stair walls, arch walls, double-height support columns and open-able sarcophagus!

DungeonRise: Vaults of Ruin includes all of the following:

All Flooring Double-Sided With Unique Artwork!
5 Standard Floor Sections (6”X6”)
3 Large Broken Floor Sections
6 Small Broken Floor Sections
4 Corridor Floor Sections (3”X6”)
4 Small Floor Sections (3”X3”)

12 Broken Standard Walls (2”X6” - With & Without Doors)
12 Broken Standard Narrow Walls (2“X3” - With & Without Doors)
12 Freestanding Rubble Piles
8 Tall Walls (4”X6”)
4 Broken Tall Walls (4”X6”)
8 Tall/Narrow Walls (4”X3”)
4 Broken Tall/Narrow Walls (4”X3”)
4 Tall Double Arch Walls (4”X6”)
3 Tall Single Arch Walls (4”X3”)

Props & Extras
4 Bridge Supports With Railings
4 Tall Support Columns (4” Tall)
6 Short Support Columns (2” Tall)
Tall Spiral Staircase With Open Pit Tile
2 Double-Sided Stairwalls
5 Sarcophagus With Lids & Inserts
36 Double-Sided FX Tokens!