Dungeons and Dragons RPG: 4th Edition Warlord Token Set

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The GF9 Dungeons & Dragons Players tokens sets are designed to make the lives of players easier by providing them with a range of tools to track damage, effects and wide variety of other things with having to scribble all over your character sheet.
Each set includes a Character Status Tile. This durable plastic tile is a handy reference for all the variable stats that can change during combat. The tile is designed to work with wet erase markers so you can quickly modify your status as it changes in battle.

The Action Point Tile is a handy reminder for players to make an extraordinary move to turn the tide of combat. The Light Source token can be slipped onto the base of your model when your character is leading the party with a torch or lantern. The Bloodied token conveniently marks your model when the never-ending battle begins to take its toll, while the Dying token reminds your companions that these may be the final orders your Warlord gives.

The set also includes personalized Dragonscale-shaped tokens for your character. Scale tokens fit neatly around the base of your model, or can be placed on the Status Tile or your character sheet. The personalized Marked token designates the foe that’s come under your scrutiny. The Total Defense token shows when your character is focusing on staying alive rather than attacking. The remaining scale tokens have iconic warlord imagery that the player can define for use for a wide range of inspiring words, attacks and reminders during combat (For example, the warbanner tokens are perfect for marking the corners of an area of effect attack on the Battle Grid).

Finally the Mount Token is used to increase the base size of your miniature to a large model when your character is riding a horse or vehicle. This Large size token can also represent your riderless mount on the Battle Grid. The Invisibility Stand-Up replaces your miniature when your character is rendered invisible.