Dungeons and Dragons RPG: Avenger Token Set

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The GF9 Dungeons & Dragons Players tokens sets are designed to make the lives of players easier by providing them with a range of tools to track damage, effects and wide variety of other things with having to scribble all over your character sheet.

Each set includes a Character Status Tile; this durable plastic tile is a handy reference for all the variable stats that can change during combat. The tile is designed to work with wet-erase markers so you can quickly modify your status as it changes in battle. Colorful class-specific tokens allow you to mark and track the variety of actions, attacks and arcane assaults that occur during your game session. Each set also includes an Invisibility Stand-In to replace your miniature on the game grid when your character is concealed and a Mount Token to place under your miniature when your character is riding a valiant steed.