Dust Tactics: Heavy Panzer Walker

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Build the Axis Heavy Panzer Walker into one of its two possible configurations, and you’ll be able to batter your opponents at any range. Both the Königs-Luther and the Sturm-König feature massive cannons, capable of punching any armor on the battlefield.

With its dual 17.3 cm FpK, the Königs-Luther is a formidable weapon, easily among the most fearsome in the war. The heaviest variant of the Luther, the Königs-Luther sometimes wins battles even before firing its first shot; so terrifying is its raw firepower that many enemy tank commanders simply refuse to fight it without support from their mightiest walkers. Even when joined in battle by multiple opponents, the Königs-Luther features a frame and armor heavy enough to buy Axis reinforcements time to arrive.

The second configuration of the Heavy Panzer Walker, the Sturm-König excels at defending troops as they move into position. Less resilient than the Königs-Luther, the Sturm-König provides Axis commanders different strategic options with its Advanced Reactive Fire skill. Similarly, its 12.8 cm FlakVierling may not hit as hard as the Königs-Luther, but the Sturm-König fills the air with such a sheer volume of fire that few units can withstand its sustained barrage.