Dust Tactics: IS-5 Heavy Tank

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With less access to VK-driven technologies, SSU engineers have had to invent other means to combat the powerful walkers deployed by their Axis and Allied foes. Their response? The IS-5 Heavy Tank comes equipped with serious SSU firepower in both of two Damage Resilient configurations. Built to deal with serious threat of enemy aircraft, the IS-5 A “Mao Zedong” controls a battlefield at range with its Quad 85 mm AA Gun. These powerful guns are deadly to enemy aircraft and can be used effectively against ground targets as well. Meanwhile, the SSU has long considered artillery the most important weapon on the modern battlefield and has found success throughout the war with its huge guns. Accordingly, the IS-5 B “Vladimir Lenin,” is a powerful artillery platform, capable of reducing enemy targets to rubble with its massive 252 mm field mortar.