Dust Tactics: Operation Cyclone

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Operation "Cyclone" is an exciting campaign expansion for Dust Tactics, the tactical miniatures board game of explosive battlefield combat! Operation "Cyclone" brings the fight from Antarctica’s frozen waterways to its icy shores. With an exciting scenario guide including eight new battles, as well as the supplemental rules for artillery, amphibious assaults, and more, Operation "Cyclone" includes everything you need to expand your Dust Tactics experience!. Also included in Operation "Cyclone" are six new terrain tiles, four ammo crates, four tank traps, nine terrain squares, and two amazing new heroes who will lead their forces to glory or the grave!

For the allies, Master Sergeant Rosie Donovan is the brilliant engineer who designed the Allies’ first combat walker, and her mechanical know-how is a constant asset on the battlefield. Meanwhile, the Axis officer Manfred Kreuzer is well respected amongst his peers, having been part of the expedition that first discovered alien technology in the remote caves of Antarctica.

Amphibious Landing terrain tiles allow attacking forces to pour onto the battlefield, while artillery rules bring a whole new dimension to the game. Leading their forces to glory or the grave, two new heroes also enter the fray.