Dust Tactics: Revised Core Set

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Dust Tactics is a tactical miniatures board game of ruthless engagements in which 2-4 players wage war against each other with the forces of rival factions belonging to one of the world’s superpowers. The Allies and the Axis control the majority of the world and are constantly battling for valuable and rare deposits of VK. Which battle will decide the outcome of the war?

The Dust Tactics: Revised Core Set includes all the components necessary to immediately join your compatriots on the field of battle, and features the forces of two rival factions that are pre-assembled and pre-primed. When you are ready to move beyond the Core Set and customize the forces you bring to the battlefield, Dust Tactics has a huge and growing library of single unit expansions.

Dust Tactics: Revised Core Set includes:

  • One platoon of Allies, comprised of one walker, 13 soldiers, and Sergeant Major William Springfield
  • One platoon of the Axis, comprised of one walker, 11 soldiers, and Feldwebel Lara Walter
  • Two ammo crates and two tank traps
  • Two double-sided terrain posters (each the size of six terrain tiles)
  • Ten unit cards
  • Six custom dice
  • Nine double-sided terrain squares
  • Rulebook