Dystopian Legions: Empire of the Blazing Sun Ashigaru Infantry Expansion Set

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Bringing to bear the terrifying technologies and developments of the Imperial Alchemical laboratories, the specialists, medics and machine guns often seen in Ashigaru Sections provide a unique support to the mainstay soldiers of those outfits.

The feared Type 7 Rocket Projector, commonly known as the Okha or ‘Cherry Blossom’, is a potent weapon. Lightweight and simple to build and operate, it hurls a warhead packed with powerful chemical explosives. These shells can blast a hole in an enemy ironclad or blow a machine gun nest to smithereens, making a lone infantryman a threat to the largest targets. The tripod mounted, Kawachi-Kanpon Type 9 is a double-barrelled, fully automatic heavy shotgun loaded with the Alchemical Institute’s trademark incendiary shells.

  • 1 Flag Signaller
  • 2 Medics
  • 2 Specialists
  • 3 MMG Teams