Dystopian Legions: Kingdom of Britannia Heroes of the Empire Set

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The Heroes of the Empire are the stalwart men and women who inspire the nation. Poems are written in their honour, songs sung, and stories told. Grizzled veterans or daring soldiers, they have risen through their own genius to the greatness of ‘hero’ Long may they serve the Empire, long may they inspire the people, and long may they stand to give the enemy a damned good thrashing!

Colonel MacDonald is an institution in his own right; a feared general of the Kingdom of Britannia. Although technically retired, ‘Big’ MacDonald was offered a front line commission because his bulldog spirit and ferocity couldn’t be confined to a General Staffing position. Riding in his specially constructed armoured wheelchair, Colonel MacDonald is often flanked by his loyal Black Watch, and always accompanied by his Gentlemen’s Gentleman: Jenkins.

Jenkins, for his part, is a collected and calm reflection of MacDonald’s explosive image, and equally as responsible for the Colonel’s oeuvre. A true gentleman’s gentleman, Jenkin’s is the subject of awe among even MacDonald’s Blackwatch. As calm as MacDonald is fiery, and less perturbed by a rocket barrage exploding nearby, as he decants his master’s single malt, than he is by besmirched uniform, the two make a truly fearsome partnership.

There are few individuals that can flounce around the battlefield and back it up with the sort of daring-do that makes Robin Hood’s adventures seem like a musty dull tome. Captain Gilbert 'Bertie' Smethington, though, is one of them. Tales of his exploits are legend even before his bullet-ridden plane lands, and the daring, dashing heroism they speak of is never anything short of a buttock-clenching roller-coaster of excitement, danger and thrills. He writes his own adventure story, and it’s written with a pen most titans would struggle to wield.

Accompanying Bertie on his adventures is the equally enchanting Betty, appointed by the war-office as a writer to journal this great hero’s exploits she has seen more than her fair share of action, and her correspondence detailing their escapades has become a staple of bed stands and side tables everywhere in the kingdom. If Bertie is a dashing hero the nation can aspire to, Betty is the artist that has framed his glory, and citizens the Britannian Empire over hang on her every word, waiting between instalments for the latest great adventure.

1 Colonel Sinjon Hector 'Big' MacDonald
1 Jenkins
1 Captain Gilbert 'Bertie' Smethington
1 Betty