Dystopian Legions: Kingdom of Britannia Line Infantry Expansion Set

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From the steady drum beat of the Musician, to the heat and destruction of the MkII Flamethrower, or the terrifying Nordenfeldt MkV HMG, the Kingdom of Britannia is ready to take the field!

This boxed set is designed to be used in conjunction with the Kingdom of Britannia Linemen Section Box, and allows both boxes in concert to create any of the backbone Sections of a Kingdom of Britannia army, from Battle Line Sections, to Assault Sections, to HMG Sections and Support Sections.

Vital in maintaining discipline, and providing leadership and courage, the NCO, especially when supported by a Musician, is often the backbone of a Section, able to maintain the line in the face of deadly assault, or leading by example as the Section charges forward. The Brunel-Nordenfelt is a piece of engineering renowned across the world for its extreme range and withering firepower. A multi-barrelled volley gun with a thick gun shield to protect its valuable crew, this HMG exemplifies the sturdy, reliable nature of Britannian design.

Reasoning that a sheet of flame is one of the best ways of making sure the enemy stays well away, engineer Sydney Haskins of the Royal Ordnance Works perfected his flamethrower design with the Mark III. It is nicknamed the ‘Ricardo’ after his Italian-born engineering assistant, who had the unenviable task of live-testing Haskin’ designs! The Mark III was a resounding success, and was quickly issued to the Britannian infantry regiments. In battle, the flamethrower operators shelter amid the ranks of the riflemen.

3 MkIII Flamethrower Specialists
1 Musician Attachment
3 Heavy Machine Gun teams