Dystopian Legions: Prussian Empire Grenadier Infantry Expansion Set

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From Vierling wielding specialists, to gritty NCOs, dangerous heavy machine gun teams and skilled field medics, the Prussians are an individual and formidable force on the battlefield!

This boxed set is designed to be used in conjunction with the Prussian Grenadier Section Box, and allows both boxes in concert to create any of the backbone Sections of a Prussian army, from Battle Line Sections, to Assault Sections, to HMG Sections and Support Sections. Vital in maintaining discipline and providing leadership and courage, the NCO is able to maintain the line in the face of deadly assault.

The multi-barrelled Vierling is a weapon of perfect Prussian engineering, and capable of throwing out a staggering amount of firepower. The men and women who wield these are especially trained to do so, and do so with deadly effect.

Prussian Sections are also regularly seen with attached field medics, brave individuals whose experience in patching anything from a powder burn to a vicious bayonet wound has meant the difference between life and death for many a Prussian soldier.

The unrelenting, thunderous retort of the Maschinengewehr ’64 provides continuous fire support for the hammer strikes of the Prussian Grenadiers. Highly efficient at carving through swathes of infantry, these Maschinengewehr ’64s can cover the Grenadiers as they swarm forward to decisively eradicate the foe. Any enemy who risk emerging to deal with the oncoming infantry will be cut down in short order.

3 Vierling Specialists
1 Medic Attachment
3 Heavy Machine Gun teams