Dystopian Legions: Prussian Empire Heroes of the Empire Set

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The Heroes of the Empire are the stalwart men and women won inspire the nation. Poems are written in their honour, songs sung, and stories told. Grizzled veterans or daring soldiers, they have risen through their own genius to the greatness of ‘hero’. Long may they serve the Empire, long may they inspire the people, and long may they stand to give the enemy a damned good thrashing!

Rarely has the battlefield been graced by such a true artist of combat, a ferocious enemy to all those who would dare to stand against the might of the Prussian Empire. A brilliant commander of men, tireless and brave, Oberst is a firm believer in leading from the front. Seriously wounded in a violent explosion that lost him his arm, and the hind quarters of his faithful pet Gluklich, Oberst is now even more a terrifying opponent, able to smash his enemies, and even tear enemy Ironclads to pieces. Accompanied by his faithful pet Gluklich, mascot of the Grenadier Sections that serve loyally under Oberst, he is truly an enemy to be feared.

Gluklich, from his early days as a puppy, had a special place in the heart of his mighty owner and the men and women who served under him. Torn to pieces by the explosion that forever changed his master, Gluklich was lovingly tended and repaired with the latest technologies Prussian scientists could manage. If he was a deadly hound before, like his master, he has only increased in ferocity and power!

Brilliant engineer, inventor, scientist and polymath, Professor Gustardt has a special fascination for electricity. Responsible for countless improvements to the tesla weaponry of the Prussians, Gustardt became obsessed with the potential of utilising Tesla weaponry to dominate the land war. To that effect he has experimented with his own special creations – the Telsa Gauntlets, a weapon of terrifying potential, both for the wearer and the enemy. Blessed as it seems with more lives than a litter of kittens, Gustardt has endured more electrical shocks than anyone still standing, and what’s more, he claims it hasn’t affected him at all!

Siegfried is the ever faithful servant of Gustardt. Handling the controls of the Amplified Stabilisation Actuator, he provides his master with the surges in power he demands. With a slight limp, and a fear of anything that explodes with light and energy, Siegfried nonetheless toils after his master, and together they are capable of inflicting wanton damage on an unprecedented scale!

1 Oberst Werner Hahl
1 Gluklich
1 Professor Gustardt
1 Siegfried