Dystopian Legions: Prussian Empire Infantry Officer Set

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The mighty Prussian Empire is a powerhouse of Europe, with an army and navy rightly feared across the world. Famous for its deadly assault troops, the Prussian land army is terrifying to behold and a perfectly honed machine of war.

Infantry Officers are the backbone of every army; whether operating on their own or with a select section of guards, their insight, experience, courage and ability is so often the difference between victory and defeat!

With their ability to inspire the men to greater speed as they close with the enemy, or issue a range of orders for which the men and women under their command have drilled to perfection, they are able to leverage the deadly efficiency and reputation of the Prussian army.

Prussian Sections are also regularly seen with attached field medics, brave individuals whose experience in patching anything from a powder burn to a vicious bayonet wound has meant the difference between life and death for many a Prussian soldier!

2 Infantry Officers
5 Grenadiers
1 Medic
1 TAC Deck