Dystopian Wars: Empire of the Blazing Sun Bombardment Group

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The Suzaku still divides opinion amongst members of the Imperial War Council – some consider it to be an abhorrent bringer of death; indiscriminate and heartless, whereas others view the aircraft as a necessary evil that will tip the balance of power in the numerous battle zones the Empire is currently engaged in.

The Sui Heavy Destroyer is armed with a powerful set of fore torpedo launchers that mount Incendiary munitions, and each Sui has a large cadre of assault samurai on board, ready to mount a terrifying assault on the enemy an close quarters.

  • 2 Suzaku Class Heavy Bombers
  • 4 Sui Class Heavy Destroyers
  • 6 SAW Tokens
  • 6 Micro Dice
  • 2 SAS Movement Trays