Dystopian Wars: Federated States of America Bombardment Group

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he B-72 Heavy Bombers (nicknamed Big Bears by its crews) is a true triumph of aeronautical engineering. Their pilots are capable of flying the craft at low levels (a feat that would be unthinkable to most pilots) ensuring the aircraft can be almost undetectable to enemy fighter cover. Armed with two rocket pods mounting Cadence-Class armour piercing munitions and two bomb bays suitable for area bombardment there are few nations that can deny the devastating effect of the B-72 Heavy Bomber or the skills of the crews who fly them.

The Yale Heavy Destroyer uses technology recently developed for use on the Georgetown Cruiser to give the Federated States of America an additional bombardment asset in medium to long range engagements. These vessels are often commanded by captains promoted through the ranks and are armed with a single Bombardment Gun that utilises rapid firing technology.

  • 2 B-72 Class Heavy Bombers
  • 3 Yale Class Heavy Destroyers
  • 8 SAW Tokens
  • 6 Micro Dice
  • 2 SAS Movement Trays