Dystopian Wars: Kingdom of Britannia Bombardment Group

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The Heavy Bomber is incredibly rugged and sports a Norfield-2 Shield Generator ensuring it is capable of shrugging off all bar the most concerted attacks. Armed with a devastating Fore Cannon with a redoubtable internalised firing mechanism that greatly increases its lifespan in battle and two bomb bays that are invariably loaded with Black Prince munitions (a late development in ordnance research that pierces through enemy armour with ease) and the net result is a Halifax Heavy Bomber that can obliterate surface targets ensuring the ‘will of her majesty’ is delivered.

Armed with just two rapid firing deck guns, the Stalwart may seem limited in its firepower, but when used in concert, these weapons provide unrivalled massed firepower. Couple this with the Stalwart’s larger than average complement of Marines and this vessel is indeed stalwart.

  • 2 Halifax Class Heavy Bombers
  • 3 Stalwart Class Heavy Destroyers
  • 6 SAW Tokens
  • 6 Micro Dice
  • 2 SAS Movement Trays