Dystopian Wars: Kingdom of Denmark Naval Battle Group

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The Kingdom of Denmark has a long and proud relationship with the sea. With the Baltic to the East and the North sea to the west, and positioned as it is by its close ally the Prussian Empire, as well as surrounded by other nations such as the Russian Coalition and Republique of France, the Kingdom of Denmark has continuously relied on a powerful Navy to protect its sovereignty and interests through the years. Danish ships use a strong mix of sleek hull designs and powerful Prussian weaponry to dominate the battlefield.

At the heart of the Naval Battle Group are the paired Ragnarok Class Pocket Battleships, their mass firepower capable of sowing destruction through any enemy fleet. In addition, Danish Commanders often utilise the maneuverability and firepower of the Skagerrak Class Gunships and Sigurd Class Cruisers to pin the enemy in place and crush them with a powerful combination of ordnance and boarding attacks.

The Korsor Class Corvettes are equipped with incredible speed, and mounting a single naval mine, their massed assault can debilitate even the strongest opponent, and as importantly, drive them into positions that make them vulnerable to the larger Danish assets.

  • 2 Raggnarok Class Pocket Battleships
  • 3 Skagerrak Class Gunships
  • 3 Sigurd Class Cruisers
  • 10 Korsor Class Corvettes
  • 12 Support Aircraft Wings
  • 3 SAS Movement Trays & Micro Dice
  • 1 Tactical Action Card Deck
  • Tokens & Templates