Dystopian Wars: Kingdom of Denmark Surface Assault Group

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The Danish Fleet makes use of numerous stratagems when defending their naval interests. Positioned as they are between the Baltic and North seas, the requirement to defend their sovereignty from powerful enemies is always present. Danish fleets excel at the offensive defense, using fast moving mine layers to sow the sea with danger and force their enemies into choke points which may be exploited by the armaments of their bigger ships and wings of bombers and torpedo planes.

To achieve this, Danish Commodores will often place themselves on board the mighty Asgard Heavy Battle Carrier – a gigantic seagoing aircraft carrier which provides the necessary command and control platform from which they can direct their operations. The Asgard acts as not only a nodal point for aircraft operations, but also comes with a squadron of Tyr Assault Boats – packed to the gunnels with combat forces tasked with close defence of their parent vessel.

The Fafnir Light Sky Fortress are often deployed in close support of the Asgard, where their combined gunnery and wing strength can provide a significant base of firepower to channel at the enemy as they scramble to avoid the Danish laid minefields.

Integral to support the strategies of the Danish Commanders are the dreaded Magni Assault Airships, able to support the Korsors in laying minefields to trap the enemy, they are also packed with assault troops and will often rush forward as the enemy takes damage to devastate, through boarding, those enemy ships that have been made vulnerable!

  • 1 Asgard Class Heavy Battle Carrier
  • 6 Tyr Class Assault Craft
  • 2 Fafnir Class Light Sky Fortresses
  • 4 Magni Class Assault Airships
  • 14 Support Aircraft Wings