Firestorm Armada: The Relthoza Reformer Fleet

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The Relthoza have, in marked difference to almost every other race, had planetary assault ships from extremely early on in their stellar expansion. To start with this was to protect their warriors and workers from hostile fauna and planetary conditions (and occasionally rival Hive members), but they have gradually evolved and been refined into the deadly engines of expansion they field today.

The Relthoza’s nanotechnology, particularly their cloaking systems, give them a natural advantage in successfully approaching and assaulting any fixed defensive position. Almost impossible to detect and damage until they are upon the enemy, defenders will often find the full force of a Relthozan advance is already on the ground before they have a chance to respond.

All Relthoza ships built for planetary assimilation are explicit about their primary function, with hundreds of silos packed with Warriors, Drones and equipment arrayed along their hulls. No ships embody this more than the Assault Carriers and Cruisers – the Ootheca and Cotesia Classes – although they can both be found elsewhere in Relthoza Incursion streams. Even the small Ichneumon class is instantly distinguishable from regular combat ships – though few would wish to be given the chance to see it first-hand.

This boxed set ships with a booklet containing information on six fleet commanders. Included in the booklet is rules for invading planets and linking forces to the Firestorm Planetfall ground game, along with sample scenarios to get players started.

  • 1 Ootheca Class Assault Carrier
  • 2 Cotesia Class Assault Cruisers
  • 4 Ichneumon Class Frigates
  • 2 Large SRS Tokens
  • 1 Small SRS Token
  • 1 scenery sheet (A5)
  • 1 booklet (A5)