Firestorm Armada: Works Raptor Battlecruiser Group

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Those unfortunate enough to be terrorised by the profile of a pair of Oppressor Battlecruisers probably do not need to be scared for long….with combined beam weapons more powerful than a Dreadnought, followed up by teams of cyber-enhanced assault troops, few enemies stand in the Oppressors way and live to tell the tale. In addition, some Oppressors carry flights of SRS, others more assault troops and even enhanced drives, giving them almost Frigate-like speed – the ship is almost as versatile as it is deadly.

As with all Works Raptor ships, its offensive potential is only part of its lethality – the other being the difficulty any crew will have when trying to return fire. Difficult to lock onto, its stealthy design renders all but the heaviest of long-range fire relatively useless, as enemy gunners helplessly blast empty space. What weapons do find purchase will also find the Oppressor is a tough but to crack – further enhanced by easily replaceable ablative panels that keep it fighting from the shadows in many systems across the Storm Zone.
  • 2 Oppressor Class Battlecruisers
  • 1 Large SRS Token
  • 1 Small SRS Token