Firestorm Armada: Works Raptor Destroyer Group

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All Works Raptor designs are stealthy, but the Nullifier takes this to the next level. Absolutely undetectable at long range when motionless, all an enemy can do is try to close range in the direction of the hail of torpedoes that came from nowhere and are now slamming into their hulls. Even when moving at full speed, the Nullifier is almost an impossible target, as it continues to saturate the enemy with bio-toxins, corrosive plasma and electromagnetic countermeasures.

Built for the specific purpose of long-range elimination of the enemy, Nullifier crews are absolutely single-minded, commonly likened to the sociopathic mindset of a cold-blooded sniper. Patrolling the edges of a battle, sowing death from afar, they are also equipped with short-range beam weapons should. Another lethal ship in the Works Raptor portfolio – and one that few Directorate commanders should be without.

  • 4 Nullifier Class Destroyers