Firestorm Planet Fall: Dindrenzi Federation Recon Helix

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he Dindrenzi Federation does not adhere to standard military thinking when it comes to reconnaissance. The Dramorean High Command take painstaking efforts to map out their engagement zones far ahead of actual battle resources being dispatched.

This means that when the time comes for areas to be contested, the Dindrenzi are perfectly placed, preferring to delivery automated Field Guns in a holding role that can be tailored to suit the current battlefield conditions.

These static positions are led by an Elite Nyx Cadre led by an Officer who is in command of three Gun Team Bases, each equipped with a punishing Harvester Coil Gun which is capable of engaging both enemy infantry and light tanks who foolishly stray within range.

  • 1 Damocles Mk II Sky Pod
  • 4 Nyx Light Infantry Bases (1 Officer Base and 3 Gun Team Bases)
  • 4 Damocles Mk I Field Guns (choice of weapon for each Mk I Field Gun)