Firestorm Planet Fall: Sorylian Collective Firepower Leviathan Helix

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At first glance the Nor’Bar’Ro Firepower Leviathan is often mistaken as a beast of burden, but nothing could be more from the truth. In Sorylian Collective society the ‘Ancient One’ stands as a paragon of intellect and maturity amongst other members of society.

A creature blessed with far reaching knowledge and a profound understanding of the various theatres of war, the Ancient stands as a bulwark against the enemies of the Collective, imparting its learning to its followers while at the same time it devastates the enemy with a variety of advanced weaponry.

The Ancient carries a howdah on its broad back from which it directs debilitating firepower, bringing down enemy flyers with ease using its Nar’Mok Precision Missiles and engaging enemy armour with its dual Nar’Vak Titan Cannons. When the enemy do eventually close with the behemoth, the Ancient focuses its Sar’Nav Grenade Launchers to finally finish its foes off.

The Ancient is often accompanied by a number of fanatical Ka’Kun Light Skiff units who are Oath Sworn to their master, and will fight to the death to defend it. Whilst not heavily armed, these light recon vehicles can be used to harass enemy who stray too close, ready for the Nor’Bar’Ro to finish them.

  • 1 Nor'Bar'Ro Ancient
  • 4 Sorylian infantry miniatures
  • 10 Ka'Kun Light Skiffs