Firestorm Planet Fall: Sorylian Collective Recon Helix

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The enormous bulk of a Sorylian Kul’Vok Heavy Infantry trooper requires a bespoke transport to be used when deploying them into battle.

In a Recon Helix, the Sorylians use the fast adapted Bol’Vuk’Ra Transport Skiff to rapidly deploy a unit of Heavy Infantry far ahead of the battleline, ready to engage the enemy quickly before they have a chance to set defences.

The Helix is commanded by two squadrons of Ja’Gor Light Battle Walkers, who range ahead of the Heavy Infantry identifying targets for the force before falling back to the safety.

Designed to move at speed, the Jar’Gors are armed with Har’Mok Precision Missiles and a unit of four can lay down effective fire, before scampering away to safety.

  • 8 Ja'Gor Light Battle Walkers
  • 1 Bol'Vuk'Ra Transport Skiffs
  • 4 Kul'Vok Heavy Infantry Bases
  • 1 Sky Drop Marker & 1 Micro Dice