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The beautiful Fresco that adorns the ceiling of the cathedral is in disrepair and famous painters from around the world are vying for the chanceto repair it! The Bishop is awaiting important visitors and the work must be complete before they arrive. Will you have the skills to finish the painting in time? CONTENTS: Fresco contains 1 double-sided board, 14 market tiles, 25 fresco tiles, 60 coins values 1(36x), 5(16x), 10(8x), 78 paint pieces (17 each red, yellow, blue; 9 each green, purple, orange), 4 natural-coloured apprentices, 20 apprentices (5 each in 4 colours), 12 master painters (3 each in 4 colours), 1 bishop, 4 small screens, 4 large screens, 4 action sheets, 4 cards showing tables of blending paints, 1 linen bag, 1 rules leaflet. FEATURES: Beautiful renaissance style art and components. Includes 3 expansion modules. An excellent fit for old and new players alike.