Fuchsia Faerie Puzzle (1000 pieces)

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The hedgerows of West Cork in Ireland are lined with this decorative evergreen shrub with its delicate, pendulous flowers which are borne in profusion throughout the summer and autumn months. A common sight in West Cork is a road or a “boreen” lined with these striking plants that can reach up to 10 feet high. A less common sight however, is that of the Fuchsia Fairy. A cheeky playful creature, she looks after the plant, keeping it strong and healthy, clearing away dead leaves and ensuring it has enough food and water. The Fuchsia Fairy is a shy creature and wary of humans, so sightings are rare. But if you are very quiet, and with the luck of the Irish, you just might spot one early on a summer’s day as she plays in the morning sun.

50 x 66.5cm
19.75" x 26.25"