GameMastery Plot Twist Cards: Flashbacks

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Bring the past into the present with Plot Twist Cards: Flashbacks. This vividly illustrated deck opens up a new experience of shared storytelling, providing players with ways to suggest events during any adventure. Each card presents a different theme that the GM and players work together to weave into the game’s narrative, as well as related rules effects. Plot Twist Cards: Flashbacks works alone or as an expansion to the original Plot Twist Cards deck. With Plot Twist Cards: Flashbacks, everyone can help tell the story and enjoy being surprised by the occasional blast from the past.

GameMastery Plot Twist Cards: Flashbacks provide a minor story-altering idea along with a few options players can either use as presented or take inspiration from to craft suggestions affecting in-game events. Every Plot Twist Card can be interpreted in countless ways, allowing players to customize and reveal secrets of their characters’ past in ways that encourage character building and help shape the game. The Game Master doesn’t need to be the only one telling stories, and now Plot Twist Cards: Flashbacks give players the tools to give their characters depth and detail like never before!