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Each Gloobz combines form and color. Forms are symbolized by the three fi gures Gloobz and colors by the three pots of paint. In each round, a representative Gloobz card is returned. If the active player announced "Gloobz-Plus! "Before returning the card, it must quickly catch the figurines or color (s) and form (s) the most represented on the map ... but if the player has announced" Gloobz-Less! "We must now enter the fi gures or the color (s) and form (s) that are not shown or are the least. Every good fi Gurine entry earns you a point and brings you closer to the goal. Be aware that some special cards you make it difficult.

Contents: Gloobz 56 cards; 3 figures Gloobz white (square, circle, triangle); 3 figures Pots of paint (blue, yellow, red); 1 miniature multicolored Mégagloobz; 6 discs score of the game.