Gnomes of Zavandor

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Welcome to the world of the Gnomes of Zavandor.

Like most gnomes, you have two great passions: sparkling gems and wondrous machines.
The sought-after gemstones can be found around the mining town of Diamantina. They can be bought and sold at the gem exchange, shady traders are always willing to engage in a little wheeling and dealing, and then you can use the gems to claim valuable mining rights, artifacts and jewelry.

Who will become the most successful gem trading mogul?


  • 1 gem market game board
  • 1 main game board
  • 15 jewelry cards
  • 12 artifact cards
  • 6 trader cards
  • 80 gemstone cards
  • 6 gemstone joker cards
  • 64 gold cards
  • 24 mining rights tiles
  • 8 price indicators
  • 10 discount markers
  • 2 constructible wandering gnomes
  • 1 constructible gnome to act as a start player figure
  • 1 alternative start player marker
  • Rulebook