Golem Arcaca: Urugal The Khan's Pyre

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Spun from the bones of the once-living, the golems of Arcanum Urugal are fearsome in-fighters designed to close with their enemies and batter them into submission. In this expansion set forGolem Arcana, you’ll find three new Urugal golems: the Horned Blight, the Plague Bringer and titanic Carrion Raptor with its dreaded vampiric cyclone attack! Also included are four Relic Cards representing ancient magical artifacts with which you can equip your Golems with to wreak further havoc.


  • 3 Pre-Painted Golem Figures (Horned Blight, Plague Bringer, Carrion Raptor)
  • 3 Banner Stands
  • 3 TDI Golem Cards
  • 4 TDI Relic Cards (Santapa’s Ward, Gauntlet of Ganna, Bone Scarab, Lamp of Dusaka)
  • 2 Double-sided Blessing and Curse tokens