Golem Arcana: Durani The Khan's Pyre

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Hewn from living rock and precious minerals, the golems of Arcanum Durani are glittering brutes who surround their enemies and bring to bear overwhelming firepower to obliterate them. In this expansion set for Golem Arcana, you’ll find three new Durani Golems: the Jeweled Harpy, the devastating Fire Ram, and the awe-inspiring Winged Preserver. Also included are four Relic Cards representing ancient magical artifacts with which you can equip your Golems with to wreak further havoc.


  • 3 Pre-Painted Golem Figures (Jeweled Harpy, Fire Ram, Winged Preserver)
  • 3 Banner Stands
  • 3 TDI Golem Cards
  • 4 TDI Relic Cards (Bulwark of Vajra, Daku’s Lens, Peridot of Hantra, Idol of Preyas)
  • 2 Double-sided Blessing and Curse tokens