Great War at Sea: Dutch East Indies

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Dutch East Indies is a 64-page book supplement for the Great War at Sea series, focusing on battles which could have and in some cases did take place in and around these islands over the period 1914-1917. Conflicts between the navy the Dutch considered but never built and Japanese invaders (and others) are explored, along with historical battles and hypothetical situations arising as the principal maritime combatants of the Great War, England and Germany, struggled for control of the seas. There are 35 scenarios, or separate game situations, as well as background articles presenting the history of this Dutch territory, the politics of the Great Powers around it, and the ships that fought or might have fought there. In addition, a campaign game is provided, for those wishing to examine the challenges and surprises that would have faced Dutch and IJN planners in a 1916-1917 Japanese invasion of the East Indies.