Gunship: First Strike! Core Game

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Gunship: First Strike! is Escape Pod Games’ core release in a planned series of tactical space combat games. Players fight to win battles in a futuristic civil war with a variety of ship types. From the agile and speedy Fighters, to versatile Gunships and powerful Assault Carriers, every battle is a well-balanced slugfest that comes right down to the wire!

Gunship: First Strike! is…

  • a Card Game that utilizes Dice and Boards in a new and exciting way
  • a Space Battle between 2, 3 or 4 players that lasts between 30 and 60+ minutes
  • Customizable, Innovative and Highly Expandable
  • Well-Balanced. Most games are won by less than a handful of Hit Points
  • Flexible. A great game to start the night or to have fun playing all day in Campaign Mode
  • perfect for players who like to blow things up with a variety of ship-mounted Heavy Weapons!

Here’s a list of everything that comes in the box:

  • 158 Full-Color Cards
  • 4 Gunship Boards
  • 8 Gunship Wings
  • 4 Squadron Boards
  • 2 Carrier Boards
  • 48 Fighter Tokens, 12 Carrier Armor Tokens
  • 3 standard Dice (2 12-sided, 1 8-sided)
  • 4 custom engraved Battle Dice (6-sided)
  • 20-Page Full-Color Rulebook
  • 6-page Full-Color Rules Companion