Halo: Fleet Battles UNSC Fleet Box

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Few in the upper-echelons of the UNSC are as respected as Admiral Lord Hood. As a veteran of numerous military campaigns throughout his military career, Hood is an outstanding choice to lead your fleet to victory. Supported by the Artificial Intelligence Cortana, one of the most potent and valuable assets in humanity’s arsenal, your fleet will ensure the Covenant pays a heavy price in ships and soldiers.

This is an ideal way to upgrade an existing UNSC force or begin building your brand new fleet. Within this boxed set you will find two Epoch-class Heavy Carriers, four Marathon-class Heavy Cruisers and thirty Paris-class Frigates. Armed with Light MACs and an array of impressive missile batteries, the Epoch is able to deploy both Bombers and Interceptors into the heat of battle. Marathon Heavy Cruisers are your bulk heavy hitters, commonly fielded in Battle Groups with Paris-class Frigates in either Arrowhead or Trident Formation.

  • 36 Highly-detailed Plastic Ship Models
  • 4 Base Formation Sprues (16 Bases in all)
  • 4 Ship Overlay Sheets (24 Ship Overlays)
  • 2 Token Sheets
  • 1 Statistics Sheet
  • 5 Command Dice
  • 1 Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood Commander Card
  • 1 Cortana Heroic Character Card