Hell Dorado: Abd Ar-rahman Ibn Muldjam

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... Only Honoré and two small children managed to escape alive. The devil entrusted the two orphans to a passing Catholic expedition, and, promptly forgetting everything he had been taught about forgiveness, he hired the services of Abd ar-Rahman ibn Muldjam and a few other brigands. Together, they caught up with the intolerant clergymen at the entrance to Kohut and killed every last one of them.

was told this story when the Emir, may God watch over him, asked me to retrieve what was left of the mechanism on the cliff for him, as such an ingenious system could be of use to our quest. Only a handful of damned ones were still living there, and one of them had retained his soul and his taste for conversion. It was there that I learned that Abd ar-Rahman was in fact Ali’s assassin, who had been sent to Hell as punishment for an act that he had believed to be inspired by Allah. He so regretted his crime that ever since he had become the enemy of over-zealous believers...

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