Hell Dorado: Alvaro Echeverria De Balaguer

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As usual, the main square of New Jerusalem was packed full of people. It was a vibrant patchwork of men of all classes and walks of life going about their daily businesses. The wafting smells of the roasting spits mingled with the beastly odors and pestilential breath of hundreds of men speaking or shouting in a dozen different tongues. Then, as if by magic, the noise was silenced.

Slowly, like the noises of a forest before the storm hits, the cacophony died out. The colorful, chaotic crowd suddenly appeared to organize and focus itself, slowly, on the center of the square. The deathly silence was only broken by a quiet clinking noise.

Two men with weapons and armor were standing guard around a third man. Tall and slender, dressed all in black under a dark but intricately decorated steel armor, the man’s mere presence inspired an awed silence. He held, proudly, above his head, a Crusader’s banner with its immaculate white background. As his piercing gaze swept the crowd, many eyes were lowered in response. The damned slaves huddled closer to their masters, trembling with fear. Here was a highly-ranked inquisitor, sent especially by Rome itself from the world Above to bring its response to the Council of the Six. Standing up on the scaffold of the gallows, with a slight gesture of his right hand in its mighty gauntlet, he began a sermon that the Underworld will not soon forget.

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