Hell Dorado: Angelo Casaviecchi

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The three quarters of what I sells is lemures, of all the kinds and all the shapes ya could possibly imagine. I can promise ya, my friend, that these little beasties they sell like toffee apples at the carnival, and some of the most exotic ones they sell for several hundred florins! What people uses them for? Ma, I must say I honestly don’t give a toss what the guys they do with their lemures. But hey, ya know, I got eyes and a brain that goes as smooth as a cart on a paved street; so ya know, up there, it brews, it ticks, and I learn or I imagine most everything ya can do with a lemure. Ah, if ya want to know more, ya’ll have to cough up more cash, my friend! If ya do, compagno, I promise I’ll tell ya all I knows!

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.